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Tongue Rings

Tongue Rings: Unique style piercings

Tongue piercings are known to be a very sensual piercing, both men and women get their tongues pierced. Tongue piercings are traditionally done vertically through the center of the tongue. Body modification was not meant to be boring. People now a days really take body art to a whole new level, there are many variations of piercings. There are easily more than 10 different ways that you can pierce your tongue. Today we are going to be talking about a few unique but increasingly popular ways to pierce your tongue.

Frenulum Linguae- is also known as the tongue web piercing. The jewelry is placed underneath the tongue, the webbing under your tongue is pierced horizontally. Every person is different, and not every tongue has the room for a tongue web piercing. This piercing is typically a simple piercing that has a very quick and simple healing process. This piercing does has a tendency to reject due to the placement of this piercing.


Double tongue ring- the double tongue is another variation of the tongue piercing, the double tongue can either be done on each side of the tongue, or it can be done with two piercings in the center of the tongue.


Horizontal Tongue piercing- the horizontal tongue piercing has been increasingly popular as it is a very nice variations of the tongue piercings. The piercings goes horizontally through the tip of the tongue.


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Fun and Sexy Body Piercings: Tongue Rings

Are you looking for a way to change up your look? Are you considering a tongue piercing? If not you should, tongue piercings are a fun and sexy way to spice up your everyday look and appearance. Don’t think of a tongue piercing as following a trend, the practice of tongue piercings have been around for centuries. As a matter of fact the piercing isn’t gender specific either both men and women pierce their tongues. Many centuries ago the Aztec and Mayan priests would pierce their tongues and pass a rough cord through the piercing as this practice would honor their gods. The piercing back then wasn’t long term; it was briefly done for religious services and purposes.


Now the tongue piercing is a permanent or long term piercing that is typically done with a straight barbell. Tongue rings are typically done with a 14 gauge barbell that is a bit longer than usual to accommodate for the swelling during the healing process. The standard tongue piercing is done directly in the middle of the tongue. There are many variations of the tongue piercing you can have several piercings on your tongue. Some people even get a horizontal tongue piercing. The piercing is strategically placed so that it does not interfere with the teeth as much.


There are a few risks that come with having a tongue piercings. The jewelry that is used is a metal, being that the piercing is an oral piercing it can rub against your teeth and some may experience chipped teeth and gum recession due to the placement of the jewelry. Bio-plast or acrylic jewelry helps reduce the risk of oral problems associated with tongue rings. Caring for your tongue piercing doesn’t stop after the first few weeks. You should always clean your piercing after each meal to ensure your piercing is clean and not harboring and germs.

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Steamy Valentine’s Day Body Piercings

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and a fresh body piercing can really heat things up on the holiday. Body jewelry can really bring out the features of one face and some people find the aesthetics of body jewelry to be quite sexy. Nose rings, ear piercings and lip rings are all extremely common body piercings that have sex appeal but what about “functional” body piercings?

Functional body piercings are piercings that can heighten sexual pleasure. Nipple rings and genital piercings are all considered functional piercings and are said to enhance sexual pleasure during steamy moment. Nipple rings add a heightened sensitivity to the wearer and may also be arousing to the sight as they offer an eye-catching emphasis on the area. Ear piercing may also be functional as it may make the ear lobes tender to the touch. The piercings of erogenous zones are extremely popular among body jewelry romantics. The pinnacle functional body piercings is genital body piercing, which is sometimes considered a sexual act itself.  If you’re looking to really heat things up this Valentine’s Day, surprise your partner with a new sexy piercing! The most hidden piercings take the much work to find and might be the sexiest!


Questions About Tongue Piercings: We’ve Got Answers!

A tongue ring is a unique accessory

Want to push your look to the next level? Getting your tongue pierced is a fun and sexy way to express yourself in your day to day life. You can choose from a variety of tongue rings and tongue studs to help you really put your style out there. But we know that there are always a lot of questions that go along with a new body piercing. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about tongue piercing—and get some real answers!

  • How much does a tongue piercing hurt? This will be different for different people; but it’s actually considered (by most) to be the least painful piercing. Getting your tongue pierced is a little uncomfortable, but it’s actually less painful than biting your tongue.
  • How about healing time? Healing time will vary, but it can take 3-4 weeks to heal fully. It’s actually one of the fastest healing piercings.
  • Will it be hard to talk? The trick to talking after a tongue piercing is to forget that it’s even there. When you first get your tongue pierced, your instinct will be to hold onto it when you talk—the way you do when you’ve got a piece of hard candy in your mouth. Just let it go, and you’ll find that you speak perfectly fine.

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Body Jewelry Wholesale Business – Get to Know the Tips

Body jewelry in bulk- For a businessperson not for a common consumer

Normally, people don’t go to buy the body jewelry in bulk or wholesale. You can ask why that is so. It is just simply that the body jewelry in bulk is not of their use, even they would like to buy the jewelry is of their use and of different kind. And in most of the cases, when we get the jewelry in bulk, it comes under the same designs with different colors and sizes. To buy this kind of jewelry in bulk is beneficial for people, who are doing business in the same. There are many people, who deal in the jewelry business and for this, buy the jewelry in bulk from the wholesale market. If you are thinking that you need to be a big business to buy the jewelry in wholesale, then you are certainly wrong. If you are a small business person dealing in this kind of jewelry, then you can also get it on wholesale. Getting the jewelry in whole sale does not mean to get in hundreds of number. In many cases getting jewelry can mean as little as in dozen.

Business in jewelry-Tips that can help
If you are thinking of doing business in jewelry, then you must consider some tips, which can help you get the success in the same area. Here, the tips go as follows:

If you are just starting a jewelry business not at a great scale, but beginning it with a small budget, then getting the jewelry in wholesale in short is a good option for you. It is not necessary to buy it in a large number of wholesale. However, it is a well-known fact that profit and loss depends on the risk you are taking. Therefore, it would be good to advice that you can have a great assortment of jewelry without being overstock on any one piece. As a businessperson you know the main purpose to sell or buy wholesale jewelry is to cut down the price, so that you can turn around and make a profit.When you go to purchase the jewelry in wholesale, you have to choose the quality of jewelry. Well, it all depends on your choice what kind of jewelry you are going to purchase in bulk. For this, you should consider the current fashion trend and the taste of the jewelry lovers. When you consider such things you become able to make a good choice of purchasing particular types of jewelry in bulk. Here, your main object should be to have quality pieces that you will sell and not keep it on the shelf. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to make good profit.There is a huge market of wholesale body jewelry, where you can see a large majority of jewelry that is manufactured at very inexpensive cost price. Here, in the market everyone comes out ahead, the manufacturer, the wholesale buyer and obviously the end buyer to whom you can sell you jewelry pieces at relatively low price. By doing this you can create your renounce in the industry and people would like to buy jewelry from you and obviously it will become profitable for you.

In the wholesale market, there is huge variety of body jewelry such as earrings, nose rings, tongue rings, lip rings, ear gauges, labret studs, barbells, eye brow rings, belly rings, and many more that you can choose as per the taste of your targeted customers. Whatever type of jewelry you are buying from the whole sale market should be of good material and quality. You should not skimp on the material of the particular jewelry piece while purchasing it on very cheap prices. While purchasing the jewelry you must consider that it should not be of stainless steel.It is also important when you go to purchase the jewelry is that don’t not choose the pieces that only catch your eyes. That you should consider the taste and demand of your customers and what kind of jewelry they will like to wear and purchase from you. You should know that every customer have different choice and taste, so it is good to offer a large variety and it is also suggested to have at least a few pierces of every colored gem.

When you consider all the above tips, then obviously, no existing and potential customer is going to walk away disappointed and you will be busy in making sales and good profits.

Various Body Jewelries Offer a Unique Style Statement

Prominence of body jewelry in trendy people’s life

The term jewelry keeps a fantabulous importance in women’s life and it is particularly categorized as the body jewelry, since women love to decorate their body with it. The body jewelries come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and they are used to decorate various parts of the body, and it goes like from the earlobe to the nipple to even further below to genital regions. These days, people are very smart and as they believe to go with the changing time, they always tend to show like being trendy. However, the culture of body jewelries has come from the west, but now most of the people from all around the world are accepting it. There are various types of body jewelries, which offer a unique style statement and make people look exotic and trendy.

Various body jewelries with unique style statement

We know that in this mean time of voguish people, the trend of body jewelry is rising day by day and so the jewelry market is acquiring a huge space in the Business Industry. With the rising demand of the body jewelries, the market of it is immensely extending and the manufacturers are coming up with new and various jewelry designs. Here, the various body jewelries are used on different body piercings to make the body parts look elegant. Let’s talk about the various body jewelries and their unique style statements.

Eyebrow Rings: Eyebrows are the most elegant part of the human body and people love to decorate them with different types of eyebrow jewelry. When you look to any person, the first thing you consider is the face and can say eyes & eyebrows. The eyebrow piercing shows the funky style statement of people. Now-a-day the eyebrow rings are greatly used by both of the sexes (men and women) to look unique and different among people. There are literally tons of various types of eyebrow jewelry available to purchase out on the internet. As the individuals have the regardless tastes, at the online platform, they find every type of accessory to decorate their eyebrows and give them special touch.

Ear Gauges: Ears are considered as the most popular and an accepted area for the piercing and it is used by both young and old. But, now the young people are taking the ear gauging to a new dimension. Ear gauging is actually about making your ear hole bigger, so that you can put the thicker gauges in it. Normally, the term gauge stands for the size and 16-18 is considered as the standard size for ear gauge, and where the number is lower the size gets bigger. If you are thinking to get the large gauge size of your ear, then it is always recommended, that you should ask to the professional first.

Tongue Rings: If you want to look trendy, then going for tongue piercing is one of the best way to start with. Most of the people love to pierce their tongue from its vertex and at the center. The most famous age group ranges from 15-25 for getting a tongue piercing. In the market, there are different types of tongue rings available for people, and they can make their choice to get it done. There are many people, who want to look different and unique among people, and for this, they go for the tongue piercing. No doubt, it is a good way to express you and look unique.

Nose Rings: In several cultures, wearing nose rings is compulsory for women. This type of jewelry gives an elegant look to women, and so, they like to wear it not only for as a part of their culture, but as it enhances their beauty as well. Now a day, the trend of this jewelry is very much famous and both men and women are taking them in use to look attractive among people. Most of the teenagers and the college going people prefer nose piecing and beautify it with different types of pin rings and circular rings.

Different body piercings and jewelries give a unique look to different personality, and so, with the time, the craze of this type of jewelry is increasing among people.

Rings for Body: Toe Rings, Belly Rings, & Tongue Rings


Earlier, rings mainly used to be connected with a marriage proposal. But now, with the change fashion terms, the meanings have also been redefined. Just imagine a boy going to his girlfriend with belly ring for marriage proposal! Won’t it be hilarious? Actually this is because the world in changing. Now, some things that used to be followed due to culture are now loosing importance as fashion is over powering them. Now, rings are not traditionally adorned but adorned due to the fashion.


Many would say, how does it hardly mater behind the purpose, the thing is it is still liked by people. It’s true, that the things that were earlier adorned due to cultural or traditional reason are now liked because of fashion, but and they still exist. The change is the looks of the jewelry is modified. Let’s compare some of the things:


Toe Rings:

Toe rings have been the glory of married women as they signify the well-being of their husband. This means,toe rings used to be worn by married women. But now, these are styled by many girls & boys. The designs of the rings are also so trendy. Although to support the fashion, the jewelry designers are also coming up with great designs in different patterns & materials.


Belly Rings:

In several cultures wearing a chain across the belly were used in order to ensure that they remain slim. These chains used to be worn under the clothes. But with the changing time, it started fascinating the people. Now girls adorn it above their clothes. Moreover, some girls wear short tops or blouses in order to expose their tummy styled with belly chain. Now, the designs have been experimented a lot with. These chains have turned to small belly rings or navel stud. As per younger generation, belly rings add on the grace of the beauty.


Tongue Rings

Tongue rings are the accessories, which was not at all a part of any culture. This has been invented by the fashionable and bold youngsters of today. The youngsters are adopting bizarre fashion styles to create their unique fashion statement. It is due to their preferences & likes that gave birth to such accessories.


These are just few, there are several other rings, which are much liked & loved by today’s generation. It is due to them that the world itself seems to be decorated with jewelry.


Express Yourself

Body modification is all about expressing yourself. And when it comes to the jewelry for these body modification, they do not hold back. Some of the most popular body jewelry are the ones with a foul mouth expression, or an anti-culture logo. This type of jewelry is very common among the younger crowd, but in the recent years it has been growing into a more adult audience.

The most common are the curse words jewelry. They can come in almost any type of jewelry from ear studs and eyebrow jewelry, to belly rings and tongue rings. Some of them might say words like “Fuck” or “Fuck Me.” Others might also say “Pussy.” It all depends on what you want to express, and how you want to express it. Not all the jewelry has to be a Rated R as the ones stated, there are some that do say “Sex” or “Lick Me“. Choose the right one for you, and express what y0u are feeling at that moment.

Other popular expression jewelry are the ones with anti-culture logos. If you like to express your support for the LGBT Community, a rainbow logo will be the perfect way to express yourself. Also, there are many political figures that put on jewelry to express either their support or the oppose them. There are many ways to show what you feel or support, but always make sure your body jewelry comes from reputable seller. Also, do not change any jewelry until the piercing is completely healed.

Some Information About Tongue Piercing

Body piercing is gaining popularity. Now not only young but old people are also going for such piercing. As such, body piercing is not only concerned with the traditional piercing of ear, but also other body parts that encompasses cheeks, lips, and belly buttons. It’s quite unique form of jewelry fashion.

Apart from latest fashion boom of piercing we have observed that there is a long history of ritual tongue piercing in many cultures all over the world. It’s known from the illustrations of priests piercing their tongue and then either drawing blood from it or passing rough cords, designed to inflict pain, through the hole.

Many people depict piercing of such sensitive part of body to honor the gods in Mesoamericans Aztec culture. Piercing the tongue has a long history in religious and performance practices also. Islamic Fakirs and Sufis from the Middle East, and Asian Spirit Mediums of the Far East practiced tongue piercing as an offering and proof of trance state. The ready availability of high quality, surgical steel barbell style jewelry is associated with the emergence of this piercing in the 1980s.

Tongue Piercing

Also note that the tongue piercing is not gender specific, it was not created specifically for just a man or just a woman. Popular names for tongue piercing include tongue ring, a misnomer, as only rarely are rings worn in tongue piercings. Permanent or long term piercing of the tongue is part of the resurgence of body piercing in contemporary high standard society. As with many piercing innovations, the origin of this piercing is associated with Gauntlet, the first professional body piercing studio in the United States, formerly located in Los Angeles, California.

Tongues are pierced with straight barbell style jewelry. Because of the frequent movement of the tongue, jewelry size and comfort is especially important. Now days we can see most of the youngsters adore this as a sexual appeal and fashion taboo. Barbells that are too thin and are prone to migration, causing discomfort and irritation. Various machines are not invented for piercing sensitive skin of tongue with less or no pain. Tongue piercings can often be easily stretched to accommodate larger jewelry. It is possible to stretch further to diameters beyond 10 mm. A lot of decorative pieces in form of rings and beads for tongue are now available in stores.

Another popular tongue frenulum piercing or the tongue web piercing is a body piercing through the frenulum underneath the tongue. These piercings are relatively simple piercings, and heal quickly, although they do have a tendency to reject over time. Aftercare for tongue frenulum piercings can be more complicated than most other piercings. So if you have a passion and courage then go ahead and flaunt your style get your tongue pierced.

How the Stars Shine: Celebs with Piercings

One of the most famous pierced belly buttons. Pretty and sparkling with a dangling jewel.

Over the last 20 years, body piercing has become entirely mainstream, and a recognized part of our culture. Before the ‘90’s, body and facial piercings were only seen on Punks, and the underbelly subcultures. Like so many trends that start out in small numbers, by 1993 body piercing was rocking the mainstream market. Teenage girls and young women everywhere started piercing their navels in droves after seeing Alicia Silverstone have hers done in the monumental “Cryin’” video by Aerosmith. However, Alicia was not the first to wear this sexy, sparkly look. In 1993, before Alicia’s hit the airwaves, Christy Turlington tantalized spectators when she bared her newly pierced navel on a London catwalk.

Piercing back in '93: Alicia Silverstone in the "Cryin'" Video.

Presently, it is nothing new by any means for celebs to be sporting piercings, belly button or otherwise. The list is long when it comes to stars who let their tummies shine with a pierced navel: Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Gisele Bundchen, Bar Rafaeli, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Hudson, and Adriana Lima- just to name a few.


Miley Cyrus shows off her pretty belly button ring.

Pierced noses are also quite hot in Hollywood- Christina Aguilera, Pink, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Alyssa Milano, and Kelly Clarkson have all donned a beautiful pierced nose. While Scarlett Johanssen, taking her own direction, has had her nostril and septum pierced.

Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz, and Nicole Richie are some of the celebs who’ve had their nipples pierced. Pink, so fond of her fans, even released a video of the process when she had her nipple pierced. And who could possible forget Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” when she “accidentally” revealed to the world, during the Super Bowl, her pierced nipple and gleaming silver nipple shield?

Rihanna shows off her nipple piercing with subtlety and glam.


Fergie is perhaps one of the only leading ladies in Hollywood today who has an eyebrow ring. Janet Jackson, Pink, and Drew Barrymore have each had pierced tongues at some point in time. While Benji Madden, Mya, and Amber Rose have pierced lips. Christina Aguiler, definitely among the most pierced in Hollywood, has also flaunted a Monroe labret piercing at times.

Amber Rose's pierced lip.

So, piercing is hot. Celebrities and common folk alike really love to pierce this and that, and have the ability to wear shiny jewelry in unconventional places. Some like it tame- a simple little glittery belly piercing; and some like it really, really shiny and have lots of holes pierced throughout their bodies. Either way, piercings are not merely a trend that will be fading soon- they’re beautiful, fun, and an amazing way to adorn oneself! Take a cue from the stars- there are so many ways to shine in the limelight.


Unconventional Beauty: Christina Aguilera is an avid fan of piercings, and has had 12 of them.