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All About Your Toes: Toe Rings

Jazz up your toes with jewels!

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle on their perfectly manicured toes? No one, I bet. Toe rings have been widely popular for years now, and its no wonder or surprise. They add that little extra something special to a place often overlooked, or not really expected to stand out.¬†Toe rings also provide another option of wearing body jewelry to those who want to avoid having something pierced. Entirely temporary, you can wear them as you would wear a ring on your finger.

Putting on her toe rings, this is an example of an Indian Bride

Wearing toe rings originated in India, as a symbol of a woman being married. The Hindu word for them is bichiya, and sometimes they are worn on eight of a woman’s toes. Most commonly worn as a pair on both of her second toes, toe rings are generally always made of some type of metal. According to Ayurvedic medicine, a nerve runs from the second toe to the uterus, and wearing a toe ring exerts the slightest pressure, believed to keep the uterus healthy.

Gorgeous gold toe ring in an antique design.

Traditionally, gold was not used for toe rings because it was considered sacred, and was meant to be worn only above the waist according to Hindu scripture. Currently, this rule does get broken sometimes, as some brides favor toe rings crafted from gold, and set with diamonds. More popularly amongst married women, however, are more modern designs, with simpler looks made from silver.

Perfect for summer, and the perfect way to add some sparkle to your feet!

Nowadays, toe rings continue to be widely worn across the world. In India, regardless of religious preference, most married women wear them. They are sometimes ornately designed to include an anklet than hooks onto the toe ring, encasing the entire foot in jewelry. This creates a lavish look, perfectly suited to an Indian bride.

Ornate, yet a little bit different! This toe ring features a serpent.

Through the rest of the world, and especially in America, the wearing of toe rings has nothing to do with marital status, and everything to do with style. Fashionista Marjorie Borell introduced these awesome accessories to the West in 1973 after she went to India and fell in love with the look. Upon returning to New York, she began manufacturing them and got them into the retail market at the famous Fiorucci boutique. Dubbed “The Original Toe Ring Boutique,” the designs were hot, beautifully made in silver, gold, and with diamonds. Soon after, Bloomingdales was next to get on board, as well as a variety of other retailers. In time, the market became entirely inundated, and toe rings became available everywhere.

See how the toe ring enhances the beauty of these sandals?

Today, through America, many girls and women, regardless of age, adore the look of toe rings. Whether body piercing is a part of your life or not, toe rings rock. If you do love body piercings, I am sure you will love toe rings for their ability to add some gorgeous jewelry to just another part of your body. So very versatile, they can be worn with many different styles. Unlike the Indian staple, in America toe rings are generally not worn as pairs. They are usually sold individually, and many women like the look of mismatched jewelry on their feet.

A little silver adds a lot of elegance!

Dressy or casual, with sandals or bare feet, toe rings can do so much to enhance the look of your outfit, accessorize a simple pair of sandals, and just give a subtle bit of glamour to an often overlooked part of your body.

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